Hospitality and leisure

Hospitality and leisure developments often come with a number of transport and travel planning issues. Projects such as football and sports stadia require strategic transport accessibility, with a need to maximise sustainable travel, such as the use of public transport, walking and cycling.

We have gained experience through a variety of different leisure developments. Examples include conference centres, trampoline parks, hotels, and tourist attractions. Each project comes with its own challenges, especially in respect of pedestrian modelling and infrastructure.

Here at Croft, our focus is on ensuring that each and every project is handled with its individual needs in mind. This spans from the appropriate travel assessments and statements to the future of the development.

Our vast experience within the hospitality and leisure sector has allowed us to build strong and stable relationships with highway authority agents and local authorities. These relationships provide our clients the insight into how their project should be approached and the professional backing for their transport solutions.